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Broadcast Adaptive Selling

Broadcast Adaptive Selling

Lee Hicks, is a natural-born coach, leader, and teacher, conveys tactics to take control in transforming your career in sales in order to live a “Yes You Can” life. You can lift your expectations higher: when you expect more from your organization and yourself, you make true transformation possible. You can reinvent yourself and your organization and achieve more than ever in your career. You can change your world. It all starts here, where you will learn to: ** Target strategic accounts within prioritized vertical markets. ** Leverage social-selling assets to “teach” online customers and prospects. ** Lead your customer’s buying journey. ** Close larger deals faster. ** Exceed your quota . . . and make more money.

This broadcast was shot with a Canon XF305 on static tripod with the subject in front of a green screen. Shutter speed of 1/3 to 1/200, 25fps, 50mbps with a 1920X1080i frame size.

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