Change is everything! M3CA Group is a movement and if you fancy a change to pave the way to innovation in media and technology, this is the platform for you to excel”.

Sara Clamp

Head of Recruitment and HR

Graphic design

We design media products like,  magazine, labels, signage, advertising and websites for most of our clients and we always looking for new methods to liaise with clients to determine the requirements and budget. Can you run with our pack?

Art direction

We are well renowned as the best when it comes to overall visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign. If you have a good eye and you can communicate and coordinate the work of other artist. Send us a sample of your work. 

Brand strategy

We use colour palette, logo design, brand prospectus, slogan,  data, demography, to construct the best method to bring our clients product or services to the marketplace. M3CA is a high octane, fast changing industry. If you have what it takes, please, by all means join us.

Movie Production

We are constantly looking for a reliable person or group to join our filming crew. All our works are done in-house, from Gaffer, to Foley artist, Grip, Best boy, Fixers, Concept artist, Producers, Directors, Casting, Wardrobe, and much more. You want to experience what is like to be on movie set or you want to be a part of our production crew, please send us your C.V.

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