Media Production

The Privileged Prisoner (Upcoming Movie)

This is the true story about Alina Brewda, a 37 year old gynaecologist from Poland, who, thanks to her unparalleled expertise as a surgeon, survived Auschwitz and saved hundreds of lives by collaborating with top SS Nazi medical officials, who practiced horrendous medical experiments on Jewish women and children. Alina Brewda became such an influential […]

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Podcast Suite

M3CA provides a podcast suite for your favourite blogs, shows, and topics. You just have to bring yourself to the table to monologue or dialogue. This platform comes with all the recording equipments at your convenience (your location or our location). We also provide a platform for you to upload your materials for your subscriber

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Motion Graphics

At M3CA, our extensive research team use different types of Hollywood standard softwares, cameras, and methods to bring movements, acceleration, and speeds to depict your vision and brand for maximum impact for a marketplace share. In synergy, the methods put you and your brand in the forefront of your competitions. These helps your unique brand to

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