Ashanti Kingdom Mask


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This round face Ashanti Kingdom Mask is handcrafted out of dark wood and beautifully inlaid with multicoloured individual beads. It’s large and striking stature perfectly depicts the powerful embodiment that is the Ashanti Kingdom. The Ashanti people of Ghana, also know as the ‘Asante’ tribe, of Ghana wear this mask to worship the moon because of the control it has over the tides of the ocean and in turn the tides of their lives. This particular type of mask is also often used as part of ceremonial costume in religious and social events to represent the spirits of the ancestors. The masks are believed to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical realm and often used in initiation ceremonies and masquerade performances, both of which are copiously held in most tribes across Ghana. The masks are brought to life through dance and costume, and the wearers of the masks specifically conceal their identities to personify these mythical ‘Baluba’ spirits.

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Dimensions 41 × 40.5 × 16 cm

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