Dagbon Kingdom Mask


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This authentic and impressive hand crafted Dagbon Kingdom Mask is powerful, structured and beautifully portrays the ancient characteristics of the Dagomba people. The mask is imprinted with force, and bares a strict expression syncing perfectly with a real life Dagbon warrior. Originating from the Kingdom of Dagbon, in Northern Ghana, Dagbon is one of the oldest and most traditionally organised kingdoms in Ghana. Dagbon was founded by a warrior named Tohazie, hailed from Zamfara, ( Northern Nigeria), who was famed for mastering the art of archery. Like many great nations the basis of the Dagbon Kingdom is very much due to honouring the land of Dagbon and protecting it from neighbouring villages and in past cases other colonies. The Kingdom of Dagbon has been characterised for its repeated succession disputes and the “warrior” spirit of its founders and people is really represented in this Mask.

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Dimensions 70 × 21 × 18 cm

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