Mossi Festival Mask -1800s


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This is an ancient hand crafted Mossi mask, which is often used in their traditional festivals and celebrations. The Mossi are renowned for their resistance to the surrounding states of the Mali Empire and Islamic states like the Songhai kingdom and the Sokoto Caliphate. They are also famed for defying Arab and Europeans slave trade and raids until quite late in the 1800s. Because of their non defeatist attributes the Mossi people strongly believe in worshipping their ancestors. Their politics and religion are closely tied and specific ceremonies are actually performed to bestow chiefs with the supernatural ability to rule over their villages. Masks in Mossi festivals are very culturally significant and have a number of roles such as representing ancestors and observing on their behalf, ensuring the correct procedures are carried out. They are also used to honour the deceased and to verify that the spirit of the deceased merits admission into the world of the ancestors.

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