Mossi Traditional Mask -1500s


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This is a traditional hand crafted Mossi Mask. The Mossi are an ethnic group native to Burkina Faso. Legend has it that Mossi people came from the marriage of a Mamprusi princess and a Mande hunter; Yennenga was a warrior princess, daughter of a Mamprusi king in upper eastern Ghana. Whilst exploring she lost her way and was discovered by Riale, a Mande hunter. They fell in love, got married and gave birth to the first authentic Mossi, Ouedraogo who is recognised as the father of the Mossi people. This Mossi mask is hand carved from the wood of the Ceiba pentandra. This particular one is from the north and represents the faces of the Mossi ancestors who were conquered in the early 1500s. Masks in the Mossi society are used in initiations and funerals and are there to represent ancestors and observe on their behalf, ensuring the correct procedures are carried out. They are also used to honour the deceased and to verify that the spirit of the deceased merits admission into the world of the ancestors.

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