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Wheelchair Travel Access
This websites showcases the number of limitations and opportunities on traveling accessibility that is available to the people with wheelchair disabilities from “CYDU’s” experience.
CYDU, travels on his wheelchair around the UK and the world, to depict a substantial knowledge regarding where to travel to, challenges, how to connect, personal experiences, and guide for people with wheelchair disabilities. When CYDU brought his vision to M3CA, it was just an idea. He wanted a website that can showcase his journeys, video evidence of places of visit, and a beautiful engaging website, to attract wheelchair users to follow his Youtube channel.
The User journey needs to be simple, branding, domain registration, right hosting package, logo design and a member area for support and donation. The target audience is the population of people with wheelchair access- we have to be able to differentiate the complications or level and type of disability, by age, and by their interaction with world wheeler.com website.

The conundrum we faced were – Less is known about the factors that affect the travel behaviour of people with disabilities – particularly in terms of their attitudes, perceptions and the broader impacts of their travel behaviour on their daily lives.  Non or little work has been done or undertaken to examine how the travel behaviours and experiences of people with disabilities vary by location and across the life-course – and whether patterns of travels are similar or different to those for people with different wheelchair disabilities. Click here to see how we solve these issues.

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