M3CA Group is the pilgrimage of all media services with an extensive research team, a formidable work force, and a passion for growth and creativity.

At M3CA Group, we pride ourselves in working together with you. We design, create and produce media work and services with operational excellence that does not require relentless monthly subscriptions or service updates. We get it right the first time, guaranteeing growth, and, that competitive edge over others across the media, Web, Productions, and I.T industry.


We create, produce, shoot, develop, and transfer, new wealth of skills, technologies, creativity, and innovative digital experiences that synergises data, content, and imagery to shape the next generation of businesses with jaw dropping media contents.

Why we are different

Project Management

We are super efficient and timing is our agility.

Dedication and Integrity

These must be experienced to believe. We do not brag.

Expert in Winning

Work with a high skilled group of professionals

Projects and Studio

Some of M3CA STUDIO team members


Krystian Winszewski


Joy Meca


Sarah Clamp


Gab Handerson

M3CA Model
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