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The Privileged Prisoner (Upcoming Movie)

The Privileged Prisoner (Upcoming Movie)

This is the true story about Alina Brewda, a 37 year old gynaecologist from Poland, who, thanks to her unparalleled expertise as a surgeon, survived Auschwitz and saved hundreds of lives by collaborating with top SS Nazi medical officials, who practiced horrendous medical experiments on Jewish women and children. Alina Brewda became such an influential member of the Nazi team, that her position enabled her to control operations and make decisions on treatments that would otherwise have led patients to certain death.
However, her conscience was severely tested. In order to enable her to sustain this position, Alina became sexually involved with SS official  Dr. Wirths, both after witnessing some horrifying experiments, she joined the underground movement using her Nazi contacts to save further lives. The story also depicts her own personal moral dilemma of her situation.
Genre: Movie

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