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Wellness Website – Its All Perspective (IAPMH)

Wellness Website – Its All Perspective (IAPMH)

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(IAP): is a training and consultancy company that is passionate about individual and organisational wellbeing and resilience.

To perceive requires consciousness, to be conscious is to be aware. IAP strive to research, create, and develop bespoke training programmes that not only teach peopl

e how to manage their own wellbeing but to also train and teach organizations to adopt a culture of wellbeing that is sustainable and integrated throughout their business. We do this by increasing awareness, building curiosity, and implementing changes that are sustainable.

Individual and organisational wellbeing work less effectively on isolation. IAP works to bridge the two together to create a culture wellness. Our approach is holistic, practical, and sustainable.

People are our biggest assets, and the wellbeing of people is imperative in sustaining a business.

Research suggests investment in wellbeing has a strong positive correlation to increased productively and performance and a strong negative correlation to staff turnover. (Krekel, Ward & De Neve, 2019). Click here to visit the website

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